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Byron Bay Bluesfest 2012

Posted on April 13, 2012

Justin Townes Earle

I went down to Byron to shoot Bluesfest for Timeoff / on Saturday the 7th of April, I only had the time for one day, but Steve Earle, Justin Townes Earle, Lucinda Williams and John Fogerty were all playing so it was totally worth the trip - I hadn't been to Bluesfest for years, but really enjoyed the day, it's such a relaxed festival compared to Soundwave, Big Day Out and all the rest, it made a really pleasant change... I'll be back next year for at least a day or two.

Justin Townes Earle

JTE and Lucinda were personal faves, Justin Townes Earle just gets better and better, if you have the chance to see him play don't miss it whatever you do, if there's any justice in the world he'll be huge in no time at all.  I'd wanted to see Lucinda Williams for ages, her set was a little rickity to begin with, but once she hit her stride it was simultaneously beautiful, fragile and powerful, quite a thing.

Lucinda Williams

Steve Earle

Steve Earle / Lucinda Williams

John Fogerty

Anjelique Kidjo

Brian Setzer

Bettye Lavette

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Live Music Photos – Best of 2011

Posted on December 31, 2011

So, that's it for 2011 - I had dozens of  photos published in Australia, The UK and US, had photos on album covers, book jackets and DVDs,  (The Gin Club, Public Enemy, Robert Forster, Powderfinger and more)  sold a heap of prints, licensed photos to a TV production, a film and a few ads, and was featured on an ABC TV show. I shot 168 bands at 96 shows, at 19 venues plus one library and one zoo, and shot portraits for a bunch of bands.

The Flaming Lips at Harvest

Here's a few of my faves from the year, thanks to all the bands, fans, editors, venues, promoters, labels, managers and PR types who've helped out, rock on, and so on : )

Screamfeeder at Woodland

Violent Soho - Float On

Iggy - BDO

Mogwai - Splendour

Mos Def

The Bronx - Soundwave

The Holdsteady - The Zoo

Public Enemy

Kurt Vile

You Am I

Justin Townes Earle

Katy Perry

No Anchor


Black Mountain


Perry Farrell - Jane's Addiction

Jarvis Cocker - Pulp

Future of the Left

The Drones

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Justin Townes Earle – 10th/11th March 2011

Posted on March 16, 2011

Justin Townes Earle's show at The Zoo last year was one of my favourites of 2010, so I was thrilled this year when two shows were announced nearby.

I went to the Brisbane show in the valley on the Thursday night, which was great, but over crowded and stoopid hot, and really dark for photos, weird crowd too, I mean who goes to a JTE gig so wasted they can hardly stand, talks loudly and heckles the whole way through, pissing off the entire crowd? I'm looking at you loud mouthed hipster bro on acid. Oh and hippy chick doing spirit fingers for the whole set, constantly smacking my friend in the head? You can rack off too..

So, the next day we took off  for the Sunshine Coast to  see the show at Joe's Waterhole in Eumundi.

Such a cool show, probably about 150 people in the Bistro of the pub,  pretty much the same set as the Thursday Brisbane show, but it looked better, sounded better, and had cheaper drinks, awesome food and  less idiots in attendance. If anyone you're into  has a show at Joe's, you should go! It rules.

Really enjoyed the show, I took a few photos, but didn't want to overdo it, we were in the front row, and my camera was making me feel kinda conspicuous, and I was supposed to be having a night off. As if. Lanie Lane was cool too! I missed her set on Thursday, I was checking out this.

Justin's latest record Harlem River Blues is worth a listen, as are his other albums, he's a talented performer with great songs, stacks of presence, a wicked line in banter and a great voice, his percussive guitar picking blows my mind. Go see him when you get the chance...

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But these go to eleven…

Posted on December 31, 2010

Some favourites from 2010.

Violent Soho at The Zoo

It's been an eventful year, the lead up to my exhibition was pretty crazy, going through 15 years work was quite an experience, and the exhibition itself was a significant landmark to me, it was a very strange feeling walking into the Powerhouse on opening night and seeing the entire building full of my photos. Apologies to anyone who saw my 'speech' I still have no idea what I said.. Thanks so much to everyone who came and saw the show!

Rock and Roll at The Brisbane Powerhouse.

After the show I had every intention of adopting a less is more attitude to shooting, to be a bit more selective, and not let myself get quite as snowed under with hundreds, if not thousands of images to deal with every week. It worked, a bit, though somehow my plan of 2010 being a quieter year still ended up with me shooting 181 bands at 66 shows and 5 festivals at about 20 different venues. Sigh..

The Dead Weather ........................................Wilco

In 2010 my work was published in Timeoff, Jmag, Rolling Stone, The Courier Mail, The Australian and Yen Magazine to name a few, The State Library of Queensland now has 8 of my photos in it's permanent collection, as do the 30+ awesome individuals who bought prints from my exhibition so far. I licensed photos to one feature film and one TV series, and shot promotional photos for Texas Tea and Halfway, with my Gin Club, Seja, We All Want To, An Horse and Robert Forster photos getting a decent run through the year too.

This set of 25 photos were hard to chose, I picked an arbitrary number, and  just went with the ones taken in 2010 that I though were successful as photos, most were published somewhere, though a few are personal favourites that never made it to print.

If you're interested in publishing any, or buying prints just email me here? Thanks!

Thanks also of course to all the bands, editors, punters, promoters,venues, publicists, managers and publications that make this weird and wonderful job possible, a fab 2011 to you all. Rock on, and so on.

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Justin Townes Earle – 7th April 2010 The Zoo

Posted on April 15, 2010

Justin Townes Earle played at The Zoo on the 7th of April, brilliant show, I'd heard a lot about him, but hadn't expected to enjoy it as much as I did, loved it, the guy is a brilliant entertainer, had the crowd laughing one minute, and in tears the next, no really! Check him out here more photos in the gallery below.

All Photos©2010 Stephen Booth