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Violent Soho 12JUL08

Posted on August 9, 2008

VSoho 12JUL08 SBooth 074, originally uploaded by Stephen Booth.

Violent Soho Launch "We don't belong here" 12th July 2008

Heineken Steals © Photos. To use without using…

Posted on August 6, 2008

Myself and a bunch of other photographers had a lot of images stolen by , they basically used our © work without permission for their commercial gain, on a site to promote a huge music festival (which by the way does about AU$3 million in tickets)..

The photos were taken down after being up for about 3 weeks, after complaints were lodged. Heineken now claims that their use of the photos on the site, did not actually involve "any use, in legal terms" Love that mumbo jumbo. They also claim that using our work for 90% of the site's useful life leading up to the festival was "use of a temporary nature only and would not form the basis of any copyright claim" They will how ever "be willing to make a small payment for the inconvenience caused in having to write to us" WTF

The saga continues.

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